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Hey, we make robots! Join Oz-Ram, Hopkinton and Weare’s FIRST® Robotics Team! 

We design and build robots to compete in challenges and we have lots of different team roles! Are you interested in marketing, social media, or design?

There's a place for you!

Our team provides opportunities to learn and practice: ​​

  • Mechanical / Electrical Engineering

  • Programming

  • CAD Modeling

  • Strategy 

  • Art / Graphics

  • Finances / Resource Management

  • Promotion / Marketing

  • Part Manufacturing / Assembly

  • Team Building / Cooperation

Wanna learn these skills? Join Team Oz-Ram!

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  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • The Blue Alliance


"This is a CrossFit Workout  for the muscle upstairs.

This is an apple for the next generation of Newtons.

This is a rock to shatter 1,000 glass ceilings.

This is a rope to pull a generation up and out of poverty."


Tin Man 1922_edited.jpg

Mission Statement:

Oz-Ram FRC Team 1922 believes that everyone who wants to be a team member can find a purpose and contribute in a positive way.

"Gracious Professionalism" will be demonstrated in every aspect of team interaction. Team members will have an authentic design, build, and competitive yet educational experience. Finally, we aim to build a robot that works as a team player.

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