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Sponsoring our team is an exciting and rewarding opportunity. Our team, championed by volunteers and led by students in Weare, Henniker, and Hopkinton – is looking for 2024 Sponsors & Donors.

We made news in 2023, earning a spot at the FIRST Championship in Houston, Texas, where our team competed against almost 700 robotics teams from around the world! It was a HUGE accomplishment, and every one of our supporters made it happen – together!

We have big ambitions in 2024, but we can’t get far along our yellow brick road to victory without YOU! And honestly, we can’t imagine doing it without you.

What Does a Sponsorship Look Like?
A gift of any size will help our committed and passionate students attend local, regional (and hopefully international)
competitions, purchase and update components for our robot(s), and equip our home lab based at Hopkinton, High School. Take a look at our structured levels of sponsorship.

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Donations & Sponsorships at all levels are truly appreciated.

Donations are tax-deductible and easy to make. Please send a check made out to “SAU66” with “Oz-Ram” in the memo line. Mail to: Hopkinton Middle High School Attn: Charlene Betz 297 Park Ave., Contoocook NH, 03229. Be sure to include a note with your contact information so we know where to send our thank you. Want to make a quick donation? See our gofundme page below!


Rest assured, every dollar donated (or in-kind donation) is put to good use. Thank you for believing in us and helping us to achieve our goals.

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